Corporate Governance

The Trust intends to use out-sourced skills and facilities where possible, all activity will be controlled by the Board which will have all necessary financial control skills and experience.

Monies raised by the Trust will be applied directly to the Projects undertaken.
As much as possible of the Project Management will be handled on-site by local representatives.

Project Management

Each project will be appraised and contracted out on an agreed fixed cost basis.

Monies will only be disbursed on the basis of monthly UK style cost reports.

Project insurance will be taken out if appropriate.

It must be understood that Cuban time frames have been disrupted by both natural disasters, such as huricanes and political factors.


Administration and financial control will be provide initially on a voluntary basis by the Board. Where skills have to be bought in, they will be on a contracted basis.


It is inevitable that members of the Board will have to visit Cuba. It is hoped to get support for travel costs from the Scottish Government as part of their development of contacts with Cuba. Where travel is required costs will be kept to a minimum.

Office and Equipment

The Trust has the support of Anderson Strathern, solicitors, who are providing their address as the registered office of the Trust. The Board provide their own equipment


The Trust will be audited on an annual basis by a suitably qualified accountant who will include a review of the operations of the Trust and the board in his report